Letter to UVic

Hi! Thank you for being interested in climate justice and in keeping our university accountable! Please copy and paste this email and send to the related UVic admin (emails below)

Dear UVic Admin,

I am a UVic student writing to you today to ask that you ensure UVic makes significant steps towards true climate justice and accountability in 2022. 

I was thrilled when I heard the news of UVic’s decision to divest part of its working capital fund earlier this year, however more needs to be done. Specifically, in order for UVic to fully live up to its stated climate commitments, the 2022 climate plan must reflect FULL divestment from fossil fuels as one step towards climate justice. This includes the divestment of all the endowment funds managed by the UVic Foundation. 

UVic claims to value reconciliation and Indigenous rights, while at the same time it actively supports corporations that perpetuate Indigenous land dispossession, as well as violence against Indigenous women, girls and two-spirit peoples. We know that resource extraction is intrinsically tied to colonialism. 

As a student at UVic, I recognize that full divestment is only one of many actions required to work towards climate justice. However, I believe it is an effective action that UVic has the power to make immediately. Currently, investments in resource extraction are having disastrous impacts for the people and places UVic depends on. As a leading educational institution in Canada, UVic has a responsibility to its students, staff and faculty to manage its investments with current and future generations in mind.